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  1. 25 jul.

    Under the 2015 rule, private property owners would need permits that are both costly and time consuming to get. We need Follow for more.

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  2. 18 jul.

    Want to stay up to date with the latest news and developments on ? Follow and sign up for our newsletter today

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  3. 11 jul.

    We need a commonsense rule that protects our nation's water and provides clarity for states and . How would the 2015 rule affect you? Tweet your story to on

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  4. 27 jun.

    FACT: Under the 2015 rule, government control over state lands increased by as much as 400% in some parts of the country. We need . Follow to learn more

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  5. 20 jun.

    We need a commonsense rule that provides regulatory certainty. The 2015 rule could lead to increased consumer prices, explains how:

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  6. 13 jun.

    As points out, the 2015 rule assumes "a scope of authority Congress never authorized" and provides "none of the clarity and certainty it promised." We need

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    7 jun.

    The Coalition for Accurate Product Labels supports the Accurate Labels Act, introduced today by Sen. and Representatives and .

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  8. 6 jun.

    The met with stakeholders around the country for insight on how to revise . Retweet if you agree the should work with state and local governments and in setting regulations: Follow this

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  9. 30 mei

    The 2015 rule is a poster-child for regulatory overreach. We need a commonsense rule that respects the authority of states and Congress. Follow for the latest every

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  10. 23 mei

    RETWEET IF YOU AGREE: We need a rule that provides clarity and uniformity to states and the regulated community follow to learn more

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  11. 16 mei

    Justice Scalia knew that roadside ditches and puddles were not “navigable waters.” What we need is . RT and follow if you agree!

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    10 mei

    Electricity powers our lives. See where your state stacks up on electricity prices

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    7 mei

    Without question, American innovators, projects and technologies have shaped today’s landscape and will continue to define its future. To highlight the ingenuity of America’s ongoing energy revolution GEI is proud to introduce !

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    4 mei

    94% of accidents are caused by human error. Let’s not delay delivering on the promise of safer roads by passing the AV Start Act. Learn more:

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    8 mei
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    30 apr.
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    30 apr.
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    30 jan.

    . tells @EPAScottPruitt he has “the support of the vast majority of the states & American citizens” on revising READ: : POLL: Most Americans Support Trump Rewriting Obama’s ‘Waters Of The US’ Rule

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    25 jan.

    Great discussion today with about the FCC's 2018 agenda and connecting all Americans.

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    24 jan.

    calls for legislation and promises not to block, throttle or discriminate content.

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