Maine People Maine Values

Maine people – and Maine values – are as much a part of our company as the natural spring water we have been bottling since 1845. While Poland Spring, like many of Maine’s most prominent stores, banks and manufacturers, is part of a larger company with a global reach, we are still a Maine company with 800 employees who work together to bottle the Poland Spring water for which our state is famous.

But what we say is not as important as what we do.With bottled water in the news more these days, you might be interested in what the people who know us best have to say:

Poland Spring is the best company I have worked for in terms of the pay and benefits, and how they treat their employees. Everybody knows that Poland Spring pays well – I make $8 an hour more than I did at my last job. And I feel good knowing how committed Poland Spring is to recycling and environmental protection. It’s a major priority at the Hollis plant where I work.

When Poland Spring came here we wanted to be sure that the plant would not harm the local water supply. I monitored stream flow reports and analyzed aquifer measurements for six years. Over the past few years, the average water table in Hollis is actually higher than when the plant opened.

It’s my job to monitor and protect the sustainability of every spring source we use. Even though Maine has an abundance of fresh water, we manage each spring for sustainability because we know that Maine’s environment and Maine people’s jobs depend on our good stewardship. I also love to travel, and my favorite travel location is the Outer Banks.

In a time when traditional industry is changing in Maine, this is an area where there’s growth. If we take bottled water away, we’re inhibiting the opportunities for ourselves and our children. Poland Spring has been a Maine company since before any of our grandparents were born, and I can tell you they stand behind their commitments.


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