Environmental Practices

We do our environmental homework as we become part of a community and maintain continuous monitoring to ensure the water resources are sustainable for the long term. We believe each spring water source should be healthy and viable both 10 years and 100 years from now. To ensure sustainability, we always follow exemplary land-use and aquifer management practices. We know what’s being withdrawn from the source and how fast it’s being replenished. The health of the aquifer is paramount to us.

The water we collect is used for people to drink! It all begins with selecting a viable
spring water source
that will be stable, abundant and yield high-quality, great-tasting water. We use both traditional and sophisticated science to perform a detailed site selection assessment, comprehensive hydrologic studies to determine the spring’s safe yield and evaluation of nearby water supplies.

As with any spring source, Poland Spring develops a thorough understanding of the spring’s flow rate and capacity; the area of the aquifer; its thickness and composition; the size of the recharge area and the average rate of recharge; water quality; mineral content; and other characteristics.

We must be certain that our water use will have no significant impact on the environment, our neighbors, or nearby streams. Our goal is to determine whether the water resource could be used sustainably as a Poland Spring source, and whether the water’s mineral content and quality is consistent with Poland Spring’s other spring sources. Once a source has satisfied our internal standards, development of that source is subject to a multi-layered regulatory review process including federal, state, and local authorities. Once operational, we are absolutely committed to the sustainable management of that source. After all, it is the basis of our business.